The #1 Thing You Need Before You Start a Business

The Number 1 Thing You Need Before You Start a Business

The first and most important thing I have to tell you is that you’ll never grow a business without this one, defining characteristic. This characteristic will give you willpower to keep going when you find yourself struggling and give you the gumption to rise further when everyone seems to be pulling you down. This characteristic will push you to the top as you start building your brand.

This defining characteristic is confidence.

Ugh! Not what you wanted to hear? Did you want some, easy, one step process to make you millions? Sorry, running a business easy and you'll need this confidence I speak of, for the rest of your life. I’ll promise you now that you will be your biggest advocate through this journey and I promise that people along the way will try and bring you down. It’s unavoidable because starting a business its foreign and terrifying to a lot of people.

When Nate and I first opened shop, I can’t even count the number of people who said

1. Running your own business isn’t a real job.
2. A 9-5  job with a stable 401(k) is the only way to be successful.
3. If you work from home, are you really even working?

No one is going to hold your hand and tell you that you’re going to be an incredible success, you’ll have to be the person to push yourself forward. You’ll have to be the person to remind yourself of your strengths every day moving forward.

I understand that self-confidence can be hard to find and even harder to hold onto. Countless times I have doubted myself and my abilities. But there is not enough time in the world to focus on all of that negative energy. After all, we need to get to work, right?


So before you start a business, before you even start thinking of opening shop, ask yourself if you believe you can do it. If that answer is yes, you’re already on the right track. Obviously that’s not the only thing to consider when starting a business so don’t run into your boss’s office right now and shout that you’re amazing and you quit, ok? But I am telling you to do one thing.

You’re already on the road to success just by believing that you belong there.

Maybe you’re not incredibly confident at this point, don’t let that get you down. Don’t remain stagnant because there are things you can do to start building your self-confidence, and in turn, your business.

1. Talk to Yourself

Did you know that the most long-term successful people in the world talk to themselves? I didn’t either until I saw a study by Brendon Burchard and his book, High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way that touched on this. (More on this amazing study because it’s fascinating and you’ll love it!) So give it a try. He mentions that talking to yourself in the third person is the most effective way to approach this,

“Tashina is an fierce entrepreneur. She achieves success because she strives for it. Tashina will continue to grow and build the empire she has always dreamt of.”

Now you try it.

__________ is a fierce entrepreneur. __________ achieves success because _________ strives for it. __________ will continue to grow and build the empire ___________ has always dreamt of.

Feeling more confident yet? I admit, it doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s a conscious effort to keep yourself feeling confident and motivated every single day. But doing these little exercises are a great step to help you get there.

2. Imagine a Successful You

I had a professor in college that worked closely with Olympic athletes.  She mentioned that one thing all of her successful athletes had in common was fully visualizing themselves running and winning the race. Visualization is incredibly important to developing and continuing to pursue your goals.

It’s easy to lose site and get off track, continually visualizing where you’re heading will help keep you on the right path.

An article in Forbes Magazine showcases a study that visualizing success actually does work for entrepreneurs and is worth a read if you’re looking for more information on the subject.

So close your eyes and imaging where you’re heading or get a little more hands on by creating a vision board to compliment your business plan. We’ll even build a vision board together in a later post because if our goal is success, we’ll take all the necessary steps to get there.

3. Find Your Jam

Is there scientific evidence that uplifting music will lead to long-term success? Maybe! But I’m not concerned with that. I listen to music because it boosts my confidence and often makes me work a whole lot harder to achieve my goals.

I’m sure you have noticed this at the gym before. You find yourself running to the beat of whatever song is playing so when an insanely upbeat song booms through the speakers, you’re running faster than you ever thought possible. You’re a machine! Then you instantly hit the skip button if an acoustic ballad starts playing.

Here are some of my favorite confidence-boosting songs. Add them to your playlist if you dare! Don’t make fun of my song choice – you never know what words will get you there and these songs shocked even myself.

Ten Thousand Hours – Macklemore
Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj
Thunder – Imagine Dragons

We’re all on the constant lookout for the things that will help us become more successful and we want to hear from you!

Do you have some magic motivational music you wouldn’t mind us singing along to? Share it in the comments below! 

Some of us are constantly trying to decide what to say when we talk to ourselves but can’t find a conversation starter. Help an entrepreneur out! What’s your mantra or positive self-talk look like?

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