I'm Tashina, the founder of Unmeasured Branding. I'm a self-taught graphic designer and entrepreneur. I'm obsessed with my two rescue pups and living a life full of abundance and self-love. It is my goal to help inspire you to challenge your own status quo, dream big, and work smart.

"Unmeasured" was initially born from my background and degree in Nutritional Sciences. The term “Unmeasured” actually stood for not-measurable in terms of body image. Because every single person is completely perfect no matter what size or shape they are. Unmeasured has seen blog posts about working out while watching TV, why women need to be kinder to one another, and has been home to over 4,000 sales of branding and marketing items. Random, I know! It sort of just evolved that way, I know you know the feeling!

Unmeasured has tagged along in my life through a few entrepreneurial ups and many many downs. I’m sure some of you know that there has already been not one, but two, big failed attempts at creating an Unmeasured Branding website. One was failure by amateur design, the other by being lack of preparedness and too many exciting plans all at once.

You see, being an entrepreneur is like being a squirrel. Yes, the animal. You’re not entirely certain what you’re doing but something inside you tells you to make a move. You take that leap of faith just as a car comes racing down the street and SPLAT, you're out of the game. Too gruesome? Try brutally honest!

Being an entrepreneur itself is taking a leap of faith and it's not for the weak or fearful because it can take a lot out of you. Even if you think you completely know what you're doing, it can still take a lot out of you. I was in over my head, got distracted with 1,000 ideas and basically had been juggling too much at the time. I ended up shutting down the previous website in order to give myself some time to align and rethink my goals. Sorry about that!

I've realigned myself with what I know works and what I know benefits you most.

What you can expect to find here.

In the shop, you can expect to find inspirational and useful tools for managing and promoting your business. This may come in the form of coffee mugs, apparel, or digital branding templates. 

In the blog, you can expect to find a little bit of everything. You'll find a compilation of entrepreneurial tips I have learned over the past two years that are intended to help you move forward in your business with purpose and *hopefully* avoid the mistakes I have made. You'll also find a bit of my own randomness strung throughout the blog as we journey through this entrepreneurial life.

If you have questions, comments, or just feel like chatting, head over to the contact page and shoot me a message! 

I'm so thankful for this journey and incredibly excited to have you along for the ride. 



Tashina Sliwinski
Owner and Founder