Etsy Audit & SEO Update

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Do you have a current Etsy shop that seems to be struggling to get views and sales? Are you beginning to feel that you're in a slump you can't climb out of but desperately want your Etsy shop to be earning some solid income? 

You are not alone in this! Spending hours a night combing over blogs and YouTube videos can be a pointless pursuit if you have no idea what you're looking for. 

After years of studying the Etsy algorithms and tediously tracking SEO changes, we are happy to take the fear of growing your Etsy shop off your plate and into our hands. We'll work with you to audit your shop for effective strategies and bring you up-to-date in terms of Etsy SEO and keyword research. 

Many people believe that the answer to success is creating a brand new store, branching out into Facebook ads, or running Pinterest promotions. While these are great aspects in a business, setting a solid foundation is critical to your business development. 

Establishing effective Etsy SEO will help you to propel your business forward by increasing your organic traffic and allowing you to optimize with promoted listings. Without this foundation, your efforts will be muted at best. 

We're happy to take the guess work out of growing your business by laying a solid foundation upon which your shop will thrive. 


✩ Detailed product analysis including competition and potential areas of improvement
✩ Etsy imagery guides - suggestions concerning product photography
✩ An overview of current SEO keywords for better understanding of changes. 
✩ Brief descriptions overview
✩ Full shop analysis for missing information or potential improvements. 


Etsy Rank is our primary backbone for conducting all research and analysis. We will run an audit on your listing grades and track it in a spreadsheet

✩ Keyword Research for based on relevancy and potential competition
✩ Bringing your Etsy grades up to 'A' for each edited listing. 
✩ Editing of either your least viewed listings or listings of your choice
✩ Detailed spreadsheet for listing grade changes and extra information and advice
✩ A quick view of your promoted listings for areas of improvement. 

Let's work together to get your Etsy shop on track for success.